Our project is voluntary and needs your help!

"We do not commit any crime and neither do we abuse the Public Faith"

Our project is voluntary and needs your help!

We do not accept the idea that has been spreading lately, we believe that we do need material resources to maintain quality work in a world that is materialistic, but according to what the bible teaches us and allows us, we don't need to explore anyone, but we do have social work, humanitarian aid, protection of the environment, world warnings, sending letters, help in finding missing persons, spiritual guidance in energy treatments (without dismissing your doctor) , energetic application, contribution to humanity, alert to human beings of a new consciousness. Without committing crimes to raise funds for our goal. Our main goal is to always be transparent and that is Professor Jucelino Luz's unique purpose - which we always support.

Every day we have reached thousands of people with the teaching of the Word and the way of God, and this work generates time and a very high cost. We have development, maintenance and maintenance costs for the websites and applications we manage.

Some advertisements help to fund the project, but they are not enough. Furthermore, we very much hope that one day we will not depend on any propaganda. This will only be possible if our readers voluntarily contribute.

You can help us to maintain this project with a small monthly contribution that will certainly not be missed. Part of this contribution will be used to remedy our costs and the other part will go to missionary maintenance.

To help us with your voluntary offer, just choose the option below.

The data are below, separately - how and to whom to donate:

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